Les hommes et femmes être amis sans sexuel attraction?

It’s Time To Reconsider the Stance On Opposite-Sex Friendships

It really is an age-old discussion: Can men and women really, truly, genuinely merely be friends?

People tend to be categorical about any of it: No. There will probably always be ambiguity.  

Others — typically people that have countless pals from the opposite sex â€” believe that platonic relationships between straight people can exist. 

This is actually the thing: research indicates variations in just how both sexes see and encounter opposite-sex friendships. If you are a dude, you’re very likely to believe that your own feminine friend might be drawn to you when she is not. Women, conversely, commonly believe their insufficient attraction towards their male friend is actually common — hence the existence of the dreadful pal zone principle. 

an anonymous AskMen viewer voiced the woman concerns about the potential one-sidedness of female and male relationships on guyQ, AskMen’s Q&A platform. 

Can men and women genuinely be just buddies?

Without objectives of gender or anything else pals usually wouldn’t have? 

I truly don’t believe this and this refers to exactly why I don’t understand why my boyfriend should have feminine buddies. Guys generally just befriend women they are keen on. Personally I think similar to this is actually the way they became friends to begin with. Destination is what brought both with each other. 

I also feel like men check out their particular «friends» to fill the void after a break up.


When you have a firm viewpoint on the subject, the next solutions from guyQ people might get you to definitely reconsider your own stance. After all, isn’t life chock-full of grey areas? 

But we solidly believe that men and a girl can’t have a detailed connection away from a team environment without there getting some sexual stress, by at least one individual, at some stage in the relationship. I’ve arguments with people continuously about it, and that I have actually but to get shown completely wrong. I’m not proclaiming that these urges is acted on in every union, but some body will likely be interested eventually. I do not believe that anyone who is actually a relationship must be spending only time with some one from the opposite sex. That is just my personal opinion.

But i am going to declare that only a few guy-girl connections are based off appeal. You will find buddies that are girls that I am not drawn to. 

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Sure guys usually befriend females they are keen on, because these are really the only females that communicate with to start with, because they’re appealing. It’s usually safe.

Discover quite a distance from appeal to action.

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