Do I need to have operation on my huge labia? | Interactions |

As a 40-year-old lesbian I have seen labia of a lot size and shapes, but I have yet to see any as big as mine. This has started to impact my ability to enjoy gender, to the level that i can not climax with a partner. Also, oral intercourse is my favourite thing, but I no more relish it. I do believe my vulva is truly unattractive, and my sexual self-confidence is reasonable. We have regarded as labiaplasty, but I’m scared operation would deplete sensation.

You’ll really have huge labia in comparison to various other ladies you really have recognized, but that does not mean you happen to be abnormal, or that labia tend to be unsightly to your lovers. You have spoke your self into this really bad fixation (or perhaps you have been affected by those people that might benefit through stimulating women to feel that their unique genital shape, size or colour is ugly or unusual). But I haven’t the labia, and indeed all of vulva and snatch, served you well before and delivered you and your associates huge enjoyment? Why would that be varied now? Stop emphasizing size, and alternatively give consideration – whether only or with a partner – to all the the wonderful sensations they give. Which makes love, focus just on providing and obtaining

satisfaction, incase negative thoughts occur, deliberately see and prevent all of them. Be proud of your uniqueness, and then try to find it as a confident characteristic; if you do, other people will as well.

Pamela Stephenson Connolly is a clinical psychologist and psychotherapist just who specialises in treating intimate problems.


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